Saturday, December 6, 2014

St. Paul and Halloween

Happy Saturday! These photos are from Halloween and the following week when our Catholicism class visited St. Paul Outside the Walls Basillica!
Word of the day: tartufo- truffle (mushroom)

Friday, December 5, 2014


Hello! Yesterday was blustery but today has proved to be better! We finished our Theology Final today then went out to look at the city. Sadly, every building we wanted to see was closed so we got a gelato and came home. Welcome to the last weekend here!
Picture for today are from Pompeii and Subiaco. Both were stops on the way home from Sorrento.
Word of the Day: orologio- watch (clock)
Place: Pompeii


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Only a week?

Hello everyone! I have seven days before I leave my Rome home for my Maine home. Crazy! I thought as something kind of cute, I would post everyday for the next seven days something from this lovely adventure. I am going to go back to where I left off in the excursions, pictures from Capri!
Hope you enjoy! I will definitely be going back at some point.
Word of the day: esame-exam
Place: Capri, Italia

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Novembre is here!

My first thoughts as we enter the third month of being here, when did that happen? It feels like we just got off the plane but when I start to look back, our past couple of months have been jam packed with traveling, excursions and school.  As Midterms are coming to a close, I will be going through my pictures and hopefully posting a few from all our adventures.
Let's start with the Florence Trip! Day 14

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Midterms and Sorrento!

28 Ottobre 2014
Ciao! We are on our mid-term week so life is currently full of flash cards and exams.  Also my parents and sister are in Rome for the week so juggling seeing them with school is my main goal. As a break, I thought I would add another entry to the blog to talk about our latest weekend excursion.

The weekend of the 16th through the 18th, the Rome family took a trip to Sorrento.  Our first day we visited the Island of Capri and had a wonderful day exploring the Island and having a class in the Villa Jovis; there we got to see the living quarters of an Emperor who retired on the top of the Island.  The views of the blue Mediterranean were so tempting and after lunch a few of us got to go for a swim!   The next day, a group of us decided to go for a hike out to the edge of the peninsula in Sorrento.  The hike out was relaxing but we decided to go a different way back that was quite long but the views did not disappoint!  After the journey we spent a little time getting to see Sorrento before leaving bright and early Sunday for Pompeii! While the outside view of the town makes the town seem small, once inside the ruins, the town continues forever! The maze of streets and temples, government buildings and houses was striking and in a strange way, beautiful.  Everyone had been assigned a different structure to give a presentation on so our time was spent moving from place to place with the students (myself included) giving guided historic tours.  Could there be a better classroom for Pompeii but Pompeii itself?  After we had lunch and continued back towards Rome.  On our way, we made a brief stop at the Abbey of St. Scholastica as well as the Monastery of  St. Benedict on the cliffs of Subiaco.  The artwork throughout the monastery was incredible and Benedict's cave was beyond words.

Italian Word of the Trip: Grotta- Cave
Place: Villa Jovis, Capri, Italia
Pictures to Follow!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hello Again! Welcome to Ottobre!

My apologies for not updating my blog since before we visited Florence! I have been enjoying school and the experience but I am often away from the computer. These past few weeks have been full of activities from a soccer game (GO ROMA!) to exploring St. Peter's Basilica and the Vatican Museum. Rome is always full of places to explore and for this I am truly blessed.  This week has already provided some highlights.  On Monday after history and Italian class, the students and I went to a conference on the Family and Marriage in the Catholic Church. Among the others allowed to the small gathering were several Ambassadors to countries such as Austria, Ireland and Canada as well as a special visit from Mary McAleese, the former president of Ireland.  We had the privilege of hearing from five panel members on a variety of issues that were being discussed in the Synod.  The conference had about 50 people from all over the world and they were all there just to listen like we were.
Today, we went to the Questura di Roma to the ufficio immigrazione where our existence in Italy became legal. This process has taken about a month and we are glad to have it finished! Hope I can keep this up and I will try to send as many updates as possible.

Italian of the Day: Ufficio- Office
Place of the Day: Questura di Roma, Roma, Italia

Vatican Museum

with Mary McAleese

in St. Peter's

Friday, September 26, 2014

Day 10 and 11

Days 10 and 11
Monday was a usual school day, Italian in the morning with Art History in the afternoon.  We learned about Michelangelo in Art and talked over the schedule of events for our weekend in Florence!

Tuesday, after our History class, we took our first quiz in Human Rehabilitation Studies (HRS).  The quiz explored the main ideas surrounding Human services.  This class is unique because it gives us a break from the classes based in history such as art, history and Catholicism.  While I love all my classes, the break allows our minds to switch to a different way of thinking and also allows us to notice things on excursions that normally would not have pointed out to us.  
After lunch, all of the students ventured to the Basilica which the smaller group stumbled upon on Saturday which happened to be the Arch basilica of St. John Lateran also known as the Cathedral of Rome.  This was the first legal church in Rome and serves as the only Cathedral because it holds the chair of the bishop of Rome, who happens to be the Pope.   Next to the Basilica is an obelisk which is the oldest man-made object in Rome because it was taken from ancient Egypt.  It also happens to be the largest standing ancient Egyptian obelisk in the world and weighs 455 tons. I would strongly recommend anyone traveling in Rome to walk inside the Basilica and around to the obelisk and the baptistery not for religious purposes but simply to enjoy the site itself.  For more information and a glimpse at the inside:

Word of the Day:
10: Guided Tour- visita guidata
11: chair-sedia

Place of the Day: 
10: Roma, Italia
11: Basilica San Giovanni, Basilica of St. John Lateran, Roma, Italia